Necky Vector 13 Rudder

I have a Vector and have been using it for ten years without a skeg/rudder. I never really wanted to add the weight since I cartop it and was doing fine without. The hull tracks decently well and I paddle as well enough. Now I am considering it for no really good reason. Of course Necky is gone. I was told they were using a third party skeg anyways but i can’t figure out which one. Anyone have guidance as to my options that will easily install on my Necky?

I have no idea------- but I bet Tom at Top Kayaker would know.

Necky had a Vector Kayak Rudder Kit - 0719890000, but I don’t know if it’s available anymore. There are Necky skeg parts available, but they never made a complete skeg kit nor did they make a Vector with a skeg.

Almost no kayak manufacturer made an adjustable skeg kit due to the amount of skill that it takes to add a skeg and adding one incorrectly risks compromising the integrity of the hull. There are third party skeg kits available, however. But adding an adjustable skeg will be even more difficult with a plastic hull.

You could probably add a fixed skeg like they use on some paddleboards, but I don’t know how this will handle or if it will accomplish what you want.

Oak Orchard has them.

I found the oak orchard link on my own and contacted them last week. I didn’t hear back immediately and their site looked a little like it might not be up to date and there are quite a few retailers that still list Necky boats, so I assumed they were out of business or just not up to date. Turns out I am impatient, and they replied with a nice e-mail yesterday. One of these days I will hear back from one of the sites with a Vector 14 new-old-stock and be just as happy :slight_smile:

Have you purchased from them before? Buying anything from a company that I would have expected to go out of stock half a decade ago makes me a little nervous.

I haven’t purchased from them but I’ve seen other enthusiasts reference them before. The bottom of the page does say 2022. It also says they are still receiving 2022 kayaks.