Necky Vector 13 vs Wilderness Tarpon 14

Any help would be appreciated. We live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and would be kayaking mostly on the rivers on pretty calm waters up and down the isles and on the intracoastal waterway (there are some pretty big boats at times). Does anyone have any preference between the two boats listed. We do not fish but I do take many photos. Looking to just enjoy our day paddling around, stopping for lunch and enjoying the scenery. It gets pretty hot in the summer so we do want a sit-on-top to keep cool and to also go swimming. We are so looking forward to having our own kayaks!!!

My husband is 6’4" 200 lbs and I am 5’6" 145 lbs.

Thanks, Bobbi

not all that similar

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Tarpon is much stabler and hauls a lot more. But I like the Vector better for your situation. It sounds like you won't need to haul more than the Vector carries. The difference between 59# and 68# is only 9#, but it is in that range where boats start to be more than one person can easily schlep around. And consider this - for less than an 8% increase in length, you get over 15% increase in weight. Because of the weight and the profiles, I would expect to get about the same speed for the same effort even though the Vector is shorter. The Vector would be more responsive - reaching top speed in less strokes and easier to turn and stop. My .02...

Vector 13
I like how it handles

One of my kayaks is a Vector 14 and
the thing I like about it is the depth. One sits deeper into the interior than most SOTs and this makes it more stable on rougher waters.