Necky Vector 14

How small of a paddler would this boat work well for? 14 feet long and 25 inches wide. I realize it won’t be as fast as a sit inside but I’m just wondering if it will be a barge for a light weight paddler.

I think it could be fast but it depends
on the hull shape. My Kestral is 26 inches wide and 14 feet long and I keep up with the sea kayaks in groups. I’d test one out with a GPS to get a real idea of the speed. It is funny how faster boats can seem slower because of the lack or visible or audible wake sounds.

I started looking at it for my cousin’s son since they are shopping and asked me for help. He is just coming on to a growth spurt and will outgrow whatever they get him in a couple of years. This model seems to have potential to last him until he is fully grown or wants an upgrade. After looking at it I wondered how it would work for my very petite wife. I realize it’s about 4 inches wider than any of the small paddlers boats but I hoped someone here had tried one.

I have a Vector 14 and as noted, SOT’s
are not as fast as sit inside kayaks, but moves really well through the water.

I am 5’2", and it is a bit heavy, but living next to a river, I just put it on a cart, bungee it down, take it to our ramp and after putting it on the water, off I go.

My grandson’s scoutmaster, who is over 6’ also liked it as even with his long legs, there was additional length that the foot braces could have moved too.

So far, I’m very satisfied with the Vector 14, which has quite a bit of storage.

I’ve not done a formal review on this site as I don’t believe in having an item for a couple of weeks (I’ve had this boat a couple of months and been a kayaker for 17 years) and then writing a glowing observance.

If possible have them try before they buy.