Necky Vector vs. Hobie Quest

I’m looking to finally purchase my first kayak, and I’ve been looking @ SOT’s. Anyone have recommendations on either the Necky Vector, Hobie Quest, or something comparible? FYI, I’m looking for a SOT, single seat, that’s in the 12-13’ range. I’ll be using the kayak for general use, mainly to get some exercise out in the Tampa Bay area. FYI, I’ve also tried the Sit-in Necky Manitou 14 and like it as well… but I’m thinking I would rather have something that’s open, and I can get in/out of easier. FYI, I’m 6’, 195lb. Thanks for any suggestions!

Both brands are fantastic!
However, given your weight and size, I would suggest something at least 14 feet long. I have a Necky Dolphin 14 and also used to own the Dolphin’s little brother, the Spike 12 and loved them both. When I purchased the Spike, I was heavier at 190 pounds and felt too big for the boat. Even now, at 172 pounds, 5’9" I feel a little too big for the Dolphin, but still love it.For coatal paddling and fun, you should consider a longer boat. I took a Cobra Tourer 15 for a test paddle some weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Highly reccomend this boat. You are not too far from Sweetwater Kayaks in St.Petersburb. Try before you buy and what ever the owner of the shop tells you (his name is Russell) take it as gospel. He knows his stuff.