Necky Vector vs Tarpon 140

Any help would be appreciated. We live in Fort Lauderdale, FL and would be kayaking mostly on the rivers on pretty calm waters up and down the isles and on the intracoastal waterway (there are some pretty big boats at times). Does anyone have any preference between the two boats listed. We do not fish but I do take many photos. Looking to just enjoy our day paddling around, stopping for lunch and enjoying the scenery. It gets pretty hot in the summer so we do want a sit-on-top to keep cool and to also go swimming. We are so looking forward to having our own kayaks!!!

My husband is 6’4" 200 lbs and I am 5’6" 145 lbs.

Thanks, Bobbi

I can’t comment on the Tarpon, but
can do so on the Necky Vector 14 as I have one. Very stable and comfortable for me and I’m 5’2", though folks over 6’ have also paddled it. The hatches are nice to have, especially the small one between the paddlers legs. Check out the Necky website for other perks included on this kayak.

It tracks well and one can lean to assist in turning.

Check also the reviews on this site for info on both boats.

I have owned both boats. Both are

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good boats, but The Vector is going to leave anyone over 200 LBS, like me, with a constantly wet butt unless the scuppers are always plugged.
I would recommend the Tarpon 140 for your husband and the Vector 14 for you.The Vector 14 is more narrow than the 13 and quicker.
A Tarpon 160 is my go to boat for virtually anything while my grandsons, who are considerably lighter than me, love the Vector.
The Vector is the more narrow boat, and that is a help to a smaller person because you can use a shorter, more efficient paddle.