necky vs venture

Which is better ? Necky Manitou 146 or venture 14 Islay both seem very nice I am a novice .


Seat Time…
Have you sat in either Kayak?

Necky vs venture
Yes I have and both feel comfortable , with the Necky being a little more so.

But, what makes it feel comfortable?
Comfort is good. Sometimes, it’s too good.

As an example, consider high seat backs. For some, this is comfort. But, if you care to build skills, such as proper paddling technique, self-rescue or rolling, then the high seat back is a detriment.

Or, maybe initially, someone may feel that a whole lot of room to move, possibly with a giant cockpit, makes the boat comfortable. Again, for more demanding use, this kind of comfort would be a bad thing.

I’m just noting that any favorable impressions should be in line with expected use for the boat.

Whee do you want to paddle?
Either boat may be fine or a poor fit for your use… where would you be paddling.

Your specs?
That’ll help with a more betterer recommendation.

FYI I’ll have plenty of intel on the Islay & Islay LV but 0 on the Manitou so someone else will need to chime in on that.

See you on the water,


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