Necky Zoar Sport

I have a necky zoar sport with a skeg.

I would like to convert this to a rudder,Does anyone know if this is possible…


Call Necky direct
and they can tell you, but why would you want to bother? I have boats with rudders and I can tell you I’ve never used them. They’re just in the way. A skeg is more useful, but I rarely use those either.—Rich

Highly likely…
… as I’ve got a '99 Zoar Sport with a rudder, so a suitable rudder definitely exists. As for installing it, what’s a few more holes drilled in your hull, anyway? :slight_smile:

Stick with the skeg. A rudder is not
that useful with a short sea kayak. I took the rudder assembly completely off my Necky Looksha Sport. With a boat that turns so easily with a slight lean, and being a whitewater kayaker used to stroke corrections, what do I need a rudder for anyway? A skeg might be nice. Make sure you understand the applications of a skeg before you ditch the one you have.

I agree.
I also have a Zoar Sport and never feel the need for the rudder even on somewhat windy days paddling coastal. Tracks just fine with it up. I’m thinking of removing mine. It’s just another part that can break in the surf or rock gardens. Think I would prefer solid foot rests over squishy rudder peddals. Just my 2c.