Necy Zoar Sport In Light Whitewater?

The wife and I have recently purchased a pair of Necky Zoar Sports (not the low volume version).

We generally intend to paddle in calm waters, but we were wondering what exactly we can expect to be able to navigate safely on a river?

I would expect that we could get through some easy class 1 rapids, but could we make it through some class 2? class 3?

I have WW kayaks and a Necky Looksha
Sport. I could run the Looksha down the Nantahala if I cared to, even through the “Falls,” but I wouldn’t care to. The Looksha (and the Zoar Sport) are maneuverable for sea kayaks, but clumsy in eddy turns, and course corrections in heavy water would be kind of difficult.

You can certainly run class 1, but be careful when learning eddy turns. The easier class 2 may be safe enough; you will just have to see. Remember that WW paddlers now call a lot of rapids class 2 which formerly (and sometimes properly) were classed as 3.

I would also suggest using shorter kayak paddles. And if you don’t have double bulkheads, put float bags in both ends.

That’s what I thought
Yeah. That’s pretty much what I thought - “more than likely, unless you need to turn quick”. That makes a lot of sense - thanks.

So I shouldn’t worry about class 1’s, but class 2’s I should probably scout before running and portage if it looks a bit like I might have to go at a run with some rough eddys.