Need a comparison Axis 105 vs. Aspire 105

I’m a complete and utter noob, but I’ve enjoyed the experience enough so far to want to go get my own boat. I’ve more or less narrowed it down to these two, but I can’t find any clear head-to-head comparisons. Anyone have some opinions they’d care to share?

I’m looking at:

Dagger Axis 10.5
Wilderness Systems Aspire 105

The two kayaks are extremely similar, but I’m hoping someone can help me break this near stalemate.

I’m leaning very slightly toward the Aspire 105 because of its extra weight capacity (in case of camping).

The Aspire is an excellent boat, both with the skeg up for maneuverability or down for tracking. Don’t care for the WS seat.

For what it’s worth I went with the Aspire 105, thanks for the advice!