Need a glove compartment for my deck

I have a non-waterproof camera that I keep in the dayhatch. Accessing it is tricky, especially if I need to take a photo quickly.

What I feel would be perfect would be some sort of water-resistant compartment that I could bungee to the deck right in front of the coaming - something that would be relatively easy to open with one hand. It wouldn’t need to lock, and it wouldn’t need to be totally waterproof to any depths. Just something that would keep my camera handy and protect it from water coming over the deck.

Before anyone suggests that I buy a new camera… I’m very happy with what I have and any excess hundreds of dollars will be put toward my next kayak purchase.

easy solution
Aquaseal on a Goretex zippered pocket onto your spray skirt, keep your camera in a waterproof housing, and keep the camera in the pocket on your skirt when paddling.

makes a dry bag/fanny pack that I use on my deck occationally. I do use it when I bring my camera along. The waist straps work well fitted around the grab lines. The closure is the same as used on many dry bags where you roll it up then buckle it. Not sure I would call it easy to do one handed and I am sure that I would not call it fast.


Pelican Case…
I know you said that you did not care if it locked but I don’t think you can beat the protection that a Pelican case offers. I use one of their micro cases that I just connect to my deck bungees. It’s easy to get to my camera and even though my camera is “water resistant” it protects it in case it gets totally submerged during a capsize.


Glove compartment
I don’t have a camera, but I keep my binoculars in a Baja deck bag. It’s great, and it keeps them handy, yet out of any splash. They often have them on ebay. A glove compartment - it’s exactly as I described it to my husband!

I don’t trust water resistance to be good enough, plus I don’t like having water spots on the lens (or in the case of the Optio, the clear lens cover). The Pelican micro-case series is big enough to accommodate point-and-shoot cameras yet small enough to bungie onto the front deck. You can open and close them with one hand. Cost runs about $15 to $20, depending on size.

Re: Pelican case…
I’ve got nothing against a lock. I just don’t require it. Let me look into the pelican cases.

Thanks for the help!

Pelican case lining
I took a look at some of the Pelican cases available online, and it looks like they’ve got some sort of lining in them. It’s difficult to see what it’s made of on a web page photo, but it looks like felt or foam or something. How does that stand up to salt water?

just be sure to water test it before
you trust your camera in it. I believe Longshadow had a Pelican case that leaked a bit. Even good companies/products can have a oops.

Pelican Case Fill
There are several manufacturers of Pelican type cases. Nearly all of them offer a pick and pluck foam, no filler at all, or Velcro adjustable rows like you find in standard camera cases.

I have a couple of Pelican cases I use for my housing and strobes. They’re heavy duty and don’t leak. However, I’ve never gotten the case inside wet…yet.

Make it a point to always dry everything off before you put it back into the case.


another option
1. add a knee tube

2. add a small hatch --say 4in-- accessing the

knee tube

result is access to waterproof storage area for the camera and no deck clutter