Need a groover

I’m planning a trip in which I’ll need a groover (that’s portable toilet to the uninitiated), and wondering what suggestions are out there?

It’ll be for a canoe, so it has to be somewhat compact, and service anywhere from three to six people for four days. Is there one with that sort of, ahem, capacity?



I have seen several
that would fit, most from various camping stores. For a lower cost one, find a large ammo can, probably available from an Army navy store, a toilet seat, and the strongest plastic trash bags you can find. the seat goes over the box, the bag under the seat in the box. It ain’t pretty, and should be for “solids” only, but it’ll do the trick. the seat & bags can be stored in the box, at least to start the trip.

whatever happened to the old dig a hole
head on into the woods, dig a hole, go about your business, fill the hole back up with dirt, head on out of the woods. works for me. you are now free to move about the forum.

It’s an out west thing
Groovers are really only required on western river trips in arid environments. Tripping back east, up in Canada, and almost everywhere else is still dig a whole and let Mother Nature deal with it.


Pack it in, pack it out!
Congrats to Eric, who figured out where I’m going.

This trip is indeed for the Green River in Utah, which flows through BLM and NPS lands. Groovers are standard equipment on this float, as cat and dog holes are prohibited…I’ve been putting off this float for years, as I’m not keen on packing that much stuff out. But I’ve heard too many raves about this paddle that I figure I just better “cowboy up” and get a groover.

I asked the same question
a couple of months ago.

heres’s the link. much helpful advice there.

Found this one
Had this bookmarked - don’t know if it will help you or not.


I just noticed from your ealier thread
that you ended up buying a PETT.

How did that work out for you?

Groover selection
As I replied to llamakeeper, wife & I were most pleased w/ our $19.97 Wallyworld “Reliance Hassock” Both BLM & NPS said it was acceptable system. More than enough capacity for 2 of us for 13 days. Much less offensive than anticipated.

Renting from Canyon Voyages (800-733-6007)would have cost us $59 plus disposal fee. Surely less hassle if they handle disposal & maybe cheaper if splitting cost 3-6 ways.

You’re gonna love the Green/Colorado despite this minor inconvenience, which as Eric explained is necessary to protect the resource. Enjoy & do bring Kelsey along.

Thanks to all for their input. We’re really looking forward to this trip, both to explore that part of the state and get out of the mainstream, if only for a handful of days. Renting a unit sounds like the best way to go, especially if we can combine that with the jet boat ride back up the Colorado to Moab.

Another great Green River paddle – a day trip – is from Rainbow Park through Split Mountain in Dinosaur National Monument. There are a few big class IIs/small Class IIIs, but if you’re comfortable with that kinda water it’s a fantastic trip.

My wife and I did it in our Explorer four or five years ago. We shared the river with some bighorn sheep that came down to the river to graze.

I’ve also taken my Explorer from the headwaters of the Green in Wyoming downstream about 60 miles. It was a two-night, three-day trip that, while almost always in sight of civilization, was beautiful. The first ten or so miles involve some Class Is and IIs, but the bulk of the rest is slow, lazy paddling through oxbows. Saw bald eagles, moose, beavers, nighthawks, pronghorn and trumpeter swans. If I was into angling I probably could have caught dinner.



I Love It!
I haven’t taken a trip yet (ran into work conflicts again! BAH!)

But I used the PETT a few night when out Deer and Pheasant hunting and have been extremely happy with it. Its easy, keeps the hands clean and packs pretty small.

Supposedly the bags are safe for landfill disposal, I sure hope so since I “shared” with a couple of dumpsters in public parks :slight_smile: