Need a Kayak Trailer for RV

We have a 24’ class C rv and would like some help on what would be a good trailer to haul up to 4 kayaks. Anyone use a Harbor Freight trailer and build the racks? Likes or dislikes. Our kayaks are 16’ and 14’so thinking a longer tongue is needed. A storage box would be great for gear.

Thoughts on something like this?


Custom Trailer
I just had a custom trailer made that would be perfect for you. My guy was in middle TN, but I’m sure you can find someone near you. Look at, or check out his Facebook page to see lots of ideas for trailers his made, including mine.

for the link tnave! I spoke to the owner and he gave me some very good info. Wish I could go with one of his trailers, but I’m on the West Coast…too far.

Harbor Freight?
Harbor Freight would be the go-to source when you need an irregularly-shaped rock to drive in your tent pegs. Nothing more complex than that.

West coast builder.
I would suggest that you take a look at what Iron Eagle has to offer. They are built in Troutdale, Oregon and are built right and built to last. I have one of their 5 X 8 flatbed utility trailers that is very easy to configure any way you like. I use it for hauling my kayaks and for many other purposes. It is equipped with perimeter stake pockets that allows quick change over from kayak bunks to stake sides, or whatever suits you.

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for the info on this Oregon trailer. Appreciated.

For the Harbor Freight naysayers, there are a few in our kayak club that used them as a base to build their custom trailers and they don’t have any complaints. In fact a google search shows users to be happy.

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Harbor Freight trailer.
I bought one seven or so years ago. I built it to carry rec. Kayaks initially, then made a removable tongue extension to use it for longer sea kayaks while allowing it to be used regular length. Used it four or five times.

I do mostly white water kayaking now, and the river access points aren’t as amenable to trailers, so I bought a New camper that I can load boats on top of. I no longer need it, so I will probably sell it.

I always camped when using it, so I carried firewood in the trailer below the boats. I also removed the short top leaf from the spring pack, which eliminate the bouncing you’d get from a trailer built to carry 1000 lbs, loaded with 250.