need a little help

hey folks,

My head is spinning over here trying to find a yak that suits me! there are the SOT which look cool and all, and the sit inside’s which look like it would be hard to get inside of! and then there is touring, and rec, and whitewater… !!!

I just need an idea of what kind of yak to look for for a person that is 6’1 tall and weighs 185 lbs. I bought a canoe thinking it would be great for me and my wife to get out in the world of nature so i passed on a yak and got a canoe which served its purpose, however i shoulda left the wife at home and bought a yak! Im intrested in crusing slow rivers mostly, with some blackwater creeks and rivers however I want one that would also be capable of handling a little rougher water should i decide to go play. Any ideas on what to look for? thanks for all your help in advance!


sounds like u need a cross between
a recreational & touring kayak. However, you should define “rougher water” (ie; whitewater or big water).

There are many makes and models available. You can check out the “product reviews” section of this site for feedback on different yaks that you may be interested in.

good luck

ps…i know how u feel about the wife…heheh

thanks for reply…
I will check out the product review section for something along those lines. and by rougher water i did mean big water, such as a sound, or a river that tends to get choppy with mild swells.


our checklist
Try to get front and rear bulkheads with good sealing hatches no matter what you buy. You’ll never regret the safety benefits from that even if you don’t store gear below. My husband is your size and he said he’d add the Hurricane Tampico L to your search list. If you keep 14 feet to 12 feet you should be able to go in tight water and we know the Tampico is able with a skirt to handle rough stuff on Lake Superior cause we’ve done it.

Checkout Aquafusion
I’m not sure where you live but I would definetly checkout the kayaks built by Aquafusion of Canada. The Breeze can be had new for $425 with a drop down skeg. I would also consider the redesigned Blackwaters from Dagger.

thanks guys…
I was checkin the local trader here in North Carolina and I saw a blackwater Dagger for 150.00 with a paddle. I am possibly thinkin about giving him a call, however I was not to impressed with some of the issues with the Dagger’s Skeg and the bulkhead compartment leaking problem. however there were some pro’s for it as well and for the money it maybe worth a look! And thanks for the suggestions on the other craft I will take a look at those as well!