Need a new paddle jacket

I have an older Gortex paddling jacket that I hate because it is too extreme for what I paddle in and it’s NOISY!! So I tend not to wear it. If the weather is extreme I stay home. I need suggestions for a breatheable,waterproof lightweight, QUIET, paddle jacket. I’m looking at a Kokatat Tropos Light Breeze, or Kokatat Packlight, any other suggestions?

Kokatat pack-light jacket – good
I think my Kokatat jacket is made of pack-light. It’s quiet, light, and waterproof. I love it. I wear it in the spring when I’m doing bird counts on a local lake – it’s quiet enough for that.


A Softshell
will do what you are looking for too…

especially if you are assuredly going to be in quiet waters…i think that NRS is coming out with a soft shell paddling jacket this spring…


Try Stohlquist too.


Paddle Jacket
Immersion Research make some nice paddle jackets

Do the above…
recommended jackets breath well?