need a new splash top

I’m in the market for a new splash top or semi-dry top. I’m looking for short sleeves. I’ve exhausted most of the resources that I can think of, but I’m not finding any that I like. Anyone else have any good links for whitewater gear?



Also, I stopped by Mountain Surf when I was in Friendsville for the Upper Yough yesterday…does anyone know whether or not they’re actually going out of business? I know the owner lost his visa but I don’t know whether the business will carry on or not…

I’ve really enjoyed this…
Kokatat Blast. Economical, breathable, and its held up well for two years now.

Easy to pack along as a foul weather garment and I can wear it into the lower 80s without discomfort. (I overheat easily)

Mine is fitted quite well and with a PFD over it, water intrusion is minimal and slow.

I wear this over a Chillcheater short john in Yellowstone when its too warm for a dry suit but the waters are still too cold for an unprotected extended swim.