Need a poling canoe

what attributes are best for a poling canoe? tandem? width? tumblehome?

i have a 16-foot bob special that i’d like to pole in. would that work OK?

also, what about a pole? some say closet rod, others aluminum. Thanks.

That would work fine.
I see a lot of people out east paddling MR Explorers, OT Discoveries. I pole an Esquif Mistral

I Pole A Prospector
with a wooden pole. The ends seem to hold the rocks a little better when then get frayed, but when its too much I just trim 'em up a little.

When car-topping, the pole is tied inside the canoe, resting on the underside of the seats & thwart.

Wood is heavier than aluminum, but I prefer the feel in my hands.

I stand in the bow, facing the stern with my rear leg just touching the front of the seat, more for reference than bracing.

Good luck and have fun.

Trust your boat.

Try not to fall out.

My Next Poling Canoe
Currently I pole a Mad River Explorer. For poling rocky New England waters I’d prefer a boat that turned a little easier.

Dave’s Esquif Mistral is a sweet poling boat, good secondary stability so I can heel it hard and turns much easier than my Explorer. I’m not completely sold on the Twintex material though. I’d like to see a few more before I go that way.

The Old Town Appalachian is a good one too. Might even turn a bit better than the Mistral.

But I think my next poling boat will be a Millbrook Souhegan Designed by Ed Hayden and built by John Kazimierczyk, it’s small, 15’ x 32" and turns as well as anything I’ve tried. Ed’s a poler and every boat of his I’ve tried has been better than pretty much anything else out there.

Poling boat specs?

I’d say 15’ to 17’ with good secondary. I want to be able to stand with one foot in the chine, the other in the air without going over. Tracking vs turning I think is your decision. I’d like a boat that turns more easily than the Explorer but I know more skilled polers than I who are quite happy in Explorers. If you are poling flats and marsh I doubt even harder tracking would hurt.

I don’t think tumble home is an issue unless it hurts the secondary. Flare to keep the waves out is a good thing.