Need a quick review, fast!

Well, after trying my husband’s kayak for the very first time over Christmas, my 76 year old dad is hooked! He’s looking at purchasing an Azul Argon, and I can’t find any reviews of it in the product review section. He did really well in the OK Dawn Trakker, and he’s had lots of canoeing experience so he’s comfortable on the the water. I know weight is a real factor for him, and price is a consideration, too. Does anyone have any experience with/knowledge of this model that I can share with him before he makes the purchase? Thanks for your help - you guys and this site are great!

Slow Down…

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tell him to go out and take lessons and rent some boats so he can make more of an informed choice about what boat he may want to buy.

Of course, he may have already done the above and has a good reason for picking the model that he has.

Generally, there is no reason to rush to buy a new boat. If you're going to buy "new", the boat will always be there so it's in his interest to look around a bit if he hasn't already done so. If you have a great deal on a used boat, then there may more pressure to make a quick buy. But even here, I would caution some direct exploration and research before proceeding.


Thanks, sing. I have passed along your reply (verbatim) to my dad. He generally is very cautious about purchases, and the rapidity of this decision really surprised me! I have referred him to this site, and also suggested he look at WS boats, as they seem to be very popular. He lives in Ontario, so it will be quite a while till he’s paddling anyway - there’s definitely time for research. Thanks again for the advice.

epic rec gp
Have him take a look at the epic rec gp, nice handling little boat, 31 pounds

Old age rush
"the rapidity of this decision really surprised me! "

Funny the same thing about my mom. She used to be very slow and cautious on making ANY kind of decision. But as she got older, she got bolder…

I’m guessing as they got near or over 70, the realization that time no longer wait for them starts to play a bit. After all, even with the longer and longer “average” lifespan, older folks know they don’t have a whole lot of time left!

Also factor in that even if they make a mistake, it really doesn’t have “long lasting” after effects! So there’s less incentive to be so very careful any more.

Interesting concept - I hadn’t thought about it in those terms. It would be interesting to hear from any septuagenarians out there regarding these attitudes. It was really nice to see him so keen, but I think it’s the first time I’ve ever recommended he be a bit more cautious! Maybe the same thing will happen to me in 20 years or so!