Need a recommendation

Hi All -
I’m sure there’s a thousand of these questions, but I need help picking a new boat. Here’s what I want: something that’s comfortable for lapping local small lakes and doing a little fishing a couple times of week with my wife or son, but also well suited for week long bucket list trips to BWCA, ADK, and protected Great Lakes coastal areas. I think I want something Kevlar for easy portages.

Skill level: I’m a novice, but I can manage a j-stroke and have done the allegheny river and some lakes. My wife and son (16 years) are still coming up to speed on basics.

I’m feeling partial to Wenonah because I have a local dealer, so I’ve been thinking of the Minnesota II or the Escape. Is the Minnesota II too purpose built for the local lapping and fishing?

Bonus: at some point I’d like to try rivers more, but maybe I’ll need a whole different canoe for that.

Thanks for any/all help!