Need a rudder pulley

I’m working on a project for my kayak that requires a pulley such as those used to deploy/retrieve a kayak rudder (2 rope pull).

Does anybody know where I can purchase just the pulley? Anybody have a used one from an old rudder?

any marine supply shop
would be able to hook ya up . I’ve an older VCP dbl. that had a pully system . I cut it out and replaced ,the jam cleat w/a open jam cleat , eliminating the pully . My opinion , overkill , unnessecary . ----M

Anything here?

Are you referring
to the small pulley mounted adjacent to the cockpit, or to the large (3-4") sheave directly mounted to the rudder blade? The small ones are no problem - West Marine or Duckworks have many styles, or you could dispense with it completely and use a fairlead.

The large sheave is a bigger problem. If you have access to a lathe you might fabricate one out of nylon or a siilar material. McMaster-Carr Supply does not list any that might be applicable.


The sheave
is what I need. I’ve re-thought this project, and I think one from West Marine will work fine.