Need a Sears Model 61005 Canoe!

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Hello everyone!
I need a 1974 sears (Aluminum) model 61005 canoe for historical purposes, and I'm willing to pay a generous price for it. Even if you have one in your backyard, or you know someone that has one, I would GREATLY appreciate it if you let me know! Thank you!

Sears canoe
The model number won’t mean much to many. Some specifics will help. Is it aluminum or fiberglass? How long is it? If you are looking for one of the American Fiberlite fiberglass models, your chances are pretty slim. Some might be in front yards as planters, but a floater will be rare. Good luck!

Slim chances

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Funny, that's what I thought about my Sears fiberglass fishing boat. I thought mine must nearly be the last one on Earth, but in the last few years I've seen a couple of others, and it even turns out that one of my friends on Flickr has one (though his is in really rough shape - worthy of being a yard planter as you say).

Why the need for such a specific
long-discontinued canoe?


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plans WW in WVA.

We have 3 in the barn: blue and 2 greens.

Very good condition in Newport Beach


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I'm assuming you want it for the looks? The fiberglass birch-bark looking canoe was the worst canoe I ever had and I was so happy Sears took it back after one use. I bought a Lowe aluminum instead. I've seen them on Craigslist cheap, so I'd watch that?

The model 61005
is an Aluminum outboard canoe.

Sears Canoe
Thank you for replying! It is aluminum, and 14-15 ft long. Let me know if you find one! :slight_smile:

Sears 61005 canoe
I have a sears canoe model 61005 that I am going to sell. It is still in very good shape and does not leak. I am in the Detroit Michigan area if your interested. If so email me @ d i n k e r 4 8 6 at y a h o o dot com. (leave out the spaces)

I have the canoe model number 286-61017. I am selling! you can email me at!

Since the original post was over 3 years ago I sort of doubt he’s still looking for one. Some of these old posts float up out of the depths at times.

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I have a sears canoe model 61005 that Im selling also if interested let me know. Email me at

I have a Sears 12 Jon boat since 1972. For sale 50 grand 8" x 12" transom is gone. :laughing:

Who made these for Sears?

I’ve got one of the crappy Sears glass ones. I got just to have something for my Nephews to join us with. For $100 I had to get it.