Need a seat for clc 17

I just bought one of these completed all but the seat, knee pads and thigh pads.

It came with adjustable foot pegs that they already drilled the pilot holes for. I just have to enlarge the holes to 1/4" and get the bolts. What kind of silicon or sealer is needed to make it water tight?

I like the look of thus seat.

Is is possible for me to install this seat in my boat? Is there a comparable seat that is less money?

Knee and thigh pads? I want to wear my boat, not sit in it. Taking suggestions for pads. Thanks for any info.

Redfish Seats
I always used these custom seats in my wooden boats. They will custom cut the seat for the boat.

I would get just the bottom seat and add my own backband. They have worked super, simple and comfy.

Find a good hardware store and get o-rings the just fit your screws. That’s what I have had on my Pygmy for 10 years.

For seats - if you don’t want to go the Redfish route ( and they are really nice), you can carve mini-cell into a seat. I used a pull saw to cut a shallow vee on the bottom and then carved the top into a seat with an angle grinder.

I used Pygmy’s knee braces ( CLC probably has something similar.

CLC Creature Comfort Seat
What one person finds comfortable another might not. I have used the CLC Creature Comfort seat in 2 stitch and glue kayaks and I have been very happy with it:

The seat bottom pad conforms to the shape of the hull bottom and the soft backrest conforms to your lower back. The angle of the back rest is adjusted by a cord that secures to a jam cleat.

I have used the Pygmy knee braces and found them satisfactory and fairly easy to install. I think you could get a much better fit by custom shaping some 1 1/" or 2" thick minicell foam, however.

For a truly great seat
NC Kayaks build there own seats and are the most comfortable I’ve ever found. My buddy has put them in his Pygmies. or 1 888 441 8582.

Redfish or Neckys old seat

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Don't bother with the Necky ACS seat. I've built 14 s&g kayaks. You will discover dozens of areas of water intrusion into the Okoume long before it's an issue for the footbrace bolts. "Fill and drill" is the best solution for sealing through hull holes as it makes the panel stiffer to crushing from the pan head screws. You could use nothing and the pan head foot braces screws would seal just fine.

Simply drilling a 1/4" hole then letting the ply in the hole soak up epoxy is the best solution as it stiffens and seals the hole. Seriously this is a minor issue compared to other parts of the kayak.