Need a Shuttle from Boscobel to Traders


I need help in finding someone who can shuttle two people and two kayaks from Boscobel back to Traders Bar and Grill in Arena over the Labor Day weekend for a resonable fee.

We’d be looking for the shuttle back either on Sunday or Monday.



What State???
Not everyone knows where this is…

Bob’s Riverside in Spring Green will do shuttles, and they charge reasonable rates. They aren’t exactly getting rich, anyway: 608-588-2826

Or you could just bring two cars and do the shuttle yourself, which is what we usually do.

By the way, he’s talking about the Lower Wisconsin Riverway, which is a great place to paddle. It’s a protected 90+ mile of the river from Sauk City to the Mississippi River, and you can camp anywhere on islands and sandbars. The water is clean, warm, and nice for swimming and wading–which you’ll be doing a lot of, since the water levels are low this year.

Traders used to let you park in their
lot and ride their bus for a reasonable fee. Not sure what they’re up to this season, but talk to them.