Need a skeg

Hi, am hoping someone here can help me out. I’ve got a Pirahna Surf Jet 305 SOT which is about 7yrs old. Unfortunately it didn’t come with a skeg. It does have the ‘hole’ for one though.

Can’t find any on eBay or internet and Pirahna say they don’t do them.

Anyone know where I can find one please?


Pick up…
A surfboard, windsurfer or SUP skeg.

Need a skeg
Not sure what you mean buddy, sorry. I’m after the little blade (sure it’s called a skeg) that fits into the slot at the stern of the sit on top to help with tracking.

You have a slot?

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Does it give you the option of deploying it or does it look fixed?

If you are near a surf shop take a look what they have.

Looks like it should be deployable but don’t mind if the one I end up with is fixed.
Might be worth giving him a call, seems to have a lot of parts in stock.

what color ?
there are 3 on the beach.