Need a teacher

I am looking for someone interested in showing me “the ropes” in the central Florida, especially Mosquito Lagoon area of yak fishing. Will have a new boat soon, I am thinking about a Tarpon 160 and would like to hook up with a experienced yak fishermen. I am pretty experienced Snook and Redfish guy from a flats boat but am making a move back to a more “connected” way of fishing.

Check out KFS, the Florida forums…
Several people live and fish the area from Mosquito Lagoon down to Sebastian Inlet on a regular basis. The often post get together there.

Also alot of activity in the Jax area, including one of the largest tournaments in the country.


hay yak
We have had this kind of question before and no memory of the group name from that area. It has been a while back. I guess we keep notes on those groups names so we could share.

central Fla link Here is a start and I am still on battery.

try this one

Jax Kayak Fishing

Haven’t looked in a while, but they appear to be pretty well organized and you should be able to find a fishing partner who can show you the ropes.

Ken Daubert is one of the deans
of kayak fishing. His website may be of interest, as well as his book(s)…the latter may be dated as far as kayak information, but not for fishing from kayaks.

Try these folks…
there is a man named Ken who coordinates fishing trips, and posts them on this board.