Need a tent.

I need a new tent as my old Timberline has had it.

Can’t find a Timberline 2 “Outfitter” which was #1 choice. Eureka has a Backcountry Outfitter 2 person tent. Anyone familiar with it or know anything about it? Thanks

I checked archives but nothing found about this tent.

4 person?
Cabelas has 4 person timberline outfitters tents.

Here is there URL

Good luck. I have an Apex. It’s a good tent but it could be taller. Sam’s club had a huge tent if you want room. For rainy weekends it would be pretty nice.

If you are looking for the same tent
Campmor caries it, along with many more.

Sportsmans Guide has lots of
tents on sale right now.

And look at

Thanks for the suggestions.
I have really liked my old Timberline and had decided to go with the “Outfitter” version as it’s built much stouter. I have a 4 person Mtn Apex for base camping. I can stand up it that thing! Need the 2 man for overniters on those rocky Ozark gravel bars which I do 4 seasons. I don’t think they make the 2 man Timberline Outfitter anymore.

Best Eureka tent source by far
Check this link

“A” class 2nds are in actuality new, 1st quality, never out of box merchandise that IMO they call 2nds so as not to annoy their retailers. “B” class are returns

Check for Eureka knock offs.
Dick’s in our area carries their store brand, which is the same tent as Eureka. I didn’t see a Timberline style last season, but they have more stuff this year. We spent $65 vs. $300 for the name. Same tent.

Pam. Same exact tent?
That would be so great. Are you sure? If so, I am on my way. Same material, zippers etc? I need a new tent but cannot afford the Eureka price right now. There is a Dick’s near me.

Thanks in advance for the confirmation.

MSR Zoid 2
For a 2 person. I love mine.

Word of Advise
When choosing a tent I would suggest that you keep the footprint as small as possible and carry a tarp for dry cooking or shade. The smaller the footprint the easier it is to find a campsite. As kayak and canoe camping grows in popularity the harder it will be to find campsites. Smaller tents are easier to place. That includes camping with groups. Smaller tent also repel wind better.

I am looking for a smaller tent!
The Big tent (it’s a 4 person tent, not a house)is used once or twice a year in a Big campground that we share with motorhomes and family tents. The two person tent is used for canoe trip overnites on uncrowded gravelbars in the Ozarks,mostly during the off season. I am much more concerned about the cost of fuel getting to the river than the amount of real estate I use on the river. Thanks for the advice, has any body used the tent I asked about?

Hi, you might want to check out campmor… i like Kelty tents and own three…all ‘2’ person, a zoid, tao2, gunnison2 . the zoid is not free standing.

campmor also has 1 or 2 year old models of many brands that are discounted

ive used Kelty tents on my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail and my 2 cross country paddle trips via the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

beware of sand in your zippers…any zippers…

Even tho not covered, KELTY repaired- replaced the zippers in my Tao2 free of charge!! and they were very helpfull and understanding since i was mid-journey. Campmor is also excellent at working with people who are mid-trip.

beware… many ourfitters dont work with anyone for any reason… and could care less if the gear u bought from them fails…

Two person river tent
I can highly recommend the REI Half Dome. Has received great reviews from Outside Magazine over the years. I think REI’s regular price is about $160, but they often place it on sale. Has great features for a tent in that price range.

Thanks Vic. I have looked at the REI
and like the looks of it. See you later this month way down in Arkansas? Doug

And thanks to all for advise, it is well taken. I am going to draw straws between the Kelty, eureka, REI, Marmot and North face. I will pass on Wally World! Have had great service from REI and Campmor in the past.

MSR makes pricey but well designed well built tents. I’d have a look at them.

BTW look for larger teeth on the zipper. They shed sand better.

This was last year, mid-season sale.
We looked at a Eureka 5 person tent (can’t remember the name) and I went to Dick’s to check on something. There’s the exact same tent sold as their store brand. Their regular price was around $100. The tent has plastic windows in the rain fly which will probably deteriorate faster than the nylon, but at the price, we can afford to replace it a little sooner. It’s our base camp tent and is big enough to stand in and hold clothing bags and our Quickbed. Very comfy. We have an Apex for river camping that works ok.

I agree with
ReefMonkey. I have a MSR Zoid1.5 that is a great tent for me in Florida. Lots of mesh, doors on both sides & easy to steak out in the sand. It’s a keeper.

MSR Hubba Hubba
For what it’s worth, I recently bought a tent for the purpose you describe. I have had several 4 person tents, but wanted a smaller tent that I could use solo or with my wife and that was very weather proof (I’ve had trouble with wind and rain in my Eureka and Bean four person tents). After much research I chose the MSR Hubba Hubba. I have only set it up once, but was very favorably impressed. It goes on its maiden voyage week after next on the Buffalo.