Need ADKs trip ideas

Just got back from my second trip to the St. Regis canoe wilderness area this year and I’m looking to plan yet another trip to the Adirondacks.

Any suggestions on where to go for a weekend trip that doesn’t have too much boat traffic and maybe even some river travel? I don’t mind portages, but having just come back from the nine carries route, I’d like to spend a little more time paddling than portaging!

Little Tupper Lake to Rock Pond outlet

Bog river to Hitchins Pond to Lows lake

the Saranacs in autumn when motorboats lessen

more ideas …
Since you mentioned rivers have you considered ?



Raquette below Long Lake


Middle or East branch St Regis



Saranac or it’s N branch

W branch Sacandaga



Lower Hudson

For more info check out the interactive map here

Cedar River Flow

– Last Updated: Aug-31-05 9:46 AM EST –

Cedar River flow is a great spot for seclusion.

The flow is in Hamilton County and is located about 13 miles southwest of Indian Lake. It is remote lake that is good for day or overnight trips. There are several lean-to around the lake. It is good trip for anyone including beginners.

The flow is a man made lake, but there are impressive wetlands, forests and bogs.

To the south is the Jessup River and a an area that is locally know as Perkins clearing (There is no clearing – Trees as far as the eye can see). This is where NY DEC released moose several years back. There is a good chance of seeing moose on the flow.

Topo of Put in:

Raquette River around Axton Landing up to the falls. Stony Creek/Ponds in the same area are nice. Lake Durant to Rock pond has a good view of Blue Mountain & some nice hikes if you don’t mind some road noise.