Need advice, Buying a kayak locally

Hey everyone. I am considering buying a kayak that I found near me. It is a pyrahana inazone 232. The lady said that she would include float bags and a skirt for $480, and possibly a paddle for $500. I need to know what you guys think about this. She said it was in great condition and I am going to look at it soon. Do you think this is a fair price? let me know and thanks in advance for all the help!

A decent boat

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But, what condition is it really in? Where has it been stored? How big are you? There is a reasonable demand for Inazones, especially the 230 and 232's, so they command somewhat higher prices than might otherwise be the case. You can always offer less and then decide what to do if your offer is rejected.

She said it was only taken on the river a few times. So I am assuming it is good. If its not, then when I get there I won’t buy it. I am 5’10 160lbs. Do you think this is the right size? Should I buy it as a package? If i do what should I offer, or what should I offer for just the kayak alone. Thanks!

Mfg. data

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Would anyone else pay that price for this kayak and stuff, or is this a bad deal? kinda new to kayaks need help thanks


The price seems to be on the high side, but most Inazones are several years old and pretty beat. If this one’s been collecting dust instead of scrapes it might be a reasonable deal.

What else could you buy for the same money?

There is a 230 for sale on Boatertalk for $300. The 232 should go for more given that it is newer. If it is really in excellent shape then that ups the price even more. A spray skirt is worth something but not a lot used. A paddle could be worth quite a bit but we don’t know what the paddle is so we can’t enter a value. You can look at the boat, skirt, and paddle and report back here. But I would say if the boat is in fact in excellent shape, the spray skirt is neoprene with no problems, and the paddle is a recognized brand in good shape, go for it.

found another
Well guys, since I haven’t got to see the inazone, I have been looking for others incase the 232 isnt worth the $500. I found a dagger g-ride 6.2 for like $350 locally. I have been doing some reading and I guess its just a small playboat and a river boat. Which is awesome because I want both. I don’t know how well it will fit me though. I am 5’10 160lbs. Do you think the cockpit is going to be really cramped and how do you think it will handle for such a short kayak. Thanks guys and let me know if you think its better than the inazone.

Seems ok
I think I paid $300 for an Inazone 230 about a year ago - without bags or other stuff.

$500 for a “good to go” package doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

The Inazone is a great boat. Makes me much better than I am.

i like the package but
I like the package deal but I dont really know what brands and what condition the other stuff is in. I am also really interested in this g-ride, since it has a ton of volume for a playboat, it really seems like it would suit me if its not to small and the tracking isnt awfully awful. haha