Need advice - camping at Ocoee R.

In search of best the outfitter and the best and most convenient campground on the Ocoee River.

I’ve been put in charge of organizing a trip for about 15. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!



Occoee River
Only been there once,used Outdoor Adventure Rafting,only because my nephew went to High School with one of the guides(he is now 25 and this was last year). Great trip,great outfitter,they have camping at their location,can,t really compare them to anyone else but would use them again is my first choice.I think their web site is

The nicest (and most fun) campground would have to be Chilhowee - it’s a Forest Service campground. Not sure it is the most convenient, but it’s a great spot. It sits on top of one of the mountains in the area & has a nice lake.

The most convenient campground to the river itself would probably be Thunder Rock - it’s right on the banks of the upper Ocoee (below the Olympic course, above the dam). It isn’t nearly as nice as Chilhowee, but it’s the closest.

Several of the outfitters have camping facilities on their property. If you want to be convenient to the outfitter that would probably be the way to go.

Not sure which outfitter is really the best these days. The NOC and High Country are both easy to get to and have good reputations.

camping is free which is cool. you can be loud all night if you want but so can others if you want to sleep. if you want a quiet place, you might want to look elsewhere.