Need advice on Current Designs Cypress

Would like input from paddlers that have first hand knowledge of this boat. If you have switch to a Cypress or out of one; what did/do you like/dislike about it compared to other boats.

There is only 3 reviews and would like more input.


My wife owns one…
and she absolutely loves it. I’ve paddled it a bit, and I think it’s a great boat. Almost as much glide per stroke as my QCC700, a very comfortable seat, responsiveness to an edge is very good, almost as good as a hard chine hull. OK, I know I’m going to get the flames for that one, but that’s the way I see it.

Deb takes quartering winds on open water without using the skeg at all. My boats are ruddered, and they are deployed in the same conditions. It’s a well designed boat that’s well made.

My only concern is the VERY light layup of Kevlar used in the boat. It’s been fine so far, but I don’t think it would take the thrashing I’ve given my Necky.

You don’t show a profile, but if you happen to be near central Florida, you can take it for a test paddle.

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Hard or soft chines don’t determine
responsiveness on edge.

My soft chined Epic 16X is more responsive (faster turning) on edge than any hard chined boat that I’ve paddled and does so very smoothly.

I think the other hull shape characteristics are greater determiners of responsiveness on edge than hard or soft chines.

My experience with the CD Cypress
Very efficient kayak, really effortless at both slower and higher speeds, great glide and accelerates SO quickly. The primary stability has taken a little time to get used to in bumpy water. Turns very well once edging is mastered and tracks very well even in windy conditions. Of the kayaks I own (NDK, Epic, P&H) I feel it is the best build quality - I have the Kevlar lay up. It is my race horse, I prefer it to my Epic as I find it more fun to paddle and seems just as fast. As my skills improve, I may be happy with it in more extreme rough conditions, but for now prefer my Explorer - even though it feels very slow in comparison.

Which epic do you have?

Nice offer
Thanks but I’m not close to Florida. Sounds like the Cypress is worth a test paddle. I’m 5’4" and 135#. I’m sure there are other kayak choices to consider just stumbled onto the Cypress