Need advice on kayak mounting rollers and T shape hood straps

Thinking of getting the Malone Channel Loader ( and the Malone Auto Racks Quicklash T-Style Hood Loops ( What success have you had with quality but less expensive equipment?

I responded in the other thread about the roller.

On the hood loops. I bought a different brand at REI, they seemed to work ok for my hood and hatchback. I have a Subaru Crosstrek.

But for the hood I changed to the type with the screw attachment. My vehicle has a convenient attachment point, about 1/4 of the way back from the front edge of the hood. Some people have mentioned being worried about bending the hood, I did not have that happen but the screw on type should prevent that, if it is an issue.

I bought the Seattle Sports Sherpak roller because it was cheaper. Big mistake, wish I’d bought the Malone. The Sherpak doesn’t have the cone shaped rollers, so the kayak is free to just roll of the side of the roller. And it does tend to do exactly that. There’s a gap in the middle of the foam roller on the Sherpak which is perfectly placed for the bow of your kayak to ride up on hard plastic instead of foam. Lots of scratches on the car thanks to this garbage.

I suggest to go with the Malone and avoid wasting money on junk.

The hood straps, however, I did buy the much cheaper Pelican version of this product and it’s fine.