Need advice on Maine.....

I will be in Maine Aug. 6-13…looking for some advice on the possibility of doing some inflatable kayak whitewater or river paddles. Any recommendations as to companies, accomodations etc would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t mind doing some paddles in the ocean also; advice on rentals and places appreciated.

I kayak the keys so will be glad to give anyone any advice they may need on paddles down there.

Thanks for any help.

It’s a BIG State…

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which area are you headed to? That would help narrow things down a bit.


Okay... It's not big like Texas or Alaska, but big for puny New England.

sea kayaking
Old Quarry Ocean Adventures in Stonington

if you own…
Here is the Release schedule(

For the group-raft…a number of No.Maine companies.

Ditto on Ocean for saltwater…



for rafting or ducky (inflatable kayak)
try in West Forks. They run the Kennebec,Penobscot and the Dead.

Andy is good folks. They have accommodations and camping