Need advice on plastic boat

I am doing a 34 mile paddle as part of a team adventure race. I have a white water boating background but I am not a racer.

The race has a strict plastic boat requirement due to the course: river with some short class II, some shallows, and a couple lake passages. I also weigh 210.

I am looking for recommedations on a fast plastic boat for this application. If anyone has a link for the hull efficiency study someone referred ot on here that would be awesome as well.


single, double, or triple?

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In general, a long and narrow boat will be faster. The fastest way for a team AR would be to put all the paddlers in 1 boat. Could get exciting on the class 2, though - any "fast" boat will take more skill to get through this.

If you can find a old Perception Eclipse
Mine won me a bunch of races in the tupperware division, including one with a long class III as shown below just starting into it




Valley’s plastic Nordcapp is a fast one. This may be the link you are thinking of:


single race - still looking
Thanks for the responses so far. I should have been clear, I am doing the paddle portion as part of a 3 person team, so no need to get all of the team through the paddle.

Anyone think an older Dagger Magellen or a new P&H Scorpio would be decent?

Thanks for the link as well!



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...Hi Matt ..where are you located ? maybe someone knows of a boat in your area that might fit the bill and by what date do you need the boat? I agree with another poster who said ..narrow is my short experience, that seems to be the rule, wide is stable but slow and narrow is fast but tippier. Have U checked the local Craigslist for a boats? links.....

Long and skinny
Look at the touring boats by Wilderness Systems, Necky and Current Designs. I’m thinking 16 to 17 foot unless the rapids are technical (require quick maneuvering).