Need advice on removing egg

from my face, before it completely crusts up and falls off to stain my kayak. This is not your ordinary kind of egg. It’s the kind of egg that’s dried on, and crusty, from being on a long, long time.

It’s the kind of egg that crusts from too much trust.

Really, I don’t want egg stains on my spray skirt. I guess I could try a roll about now, but I have yet to get my roll down. Besides, right about now, I think I’d be a lot more comfortable ass-up in the water.

Don’t worry about it.
You were the primary reason for my persistence this time around. Live and learn, and all that.

Move on. Other people will put it
back for you often enough.

What’s wrong with egg on your face?

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Trust me, you'll learn to like it!

Besides, nobody wants to know who ***oo really is!

Egg goes wonderfully with the taste of foot in your mouth. Or is it aged cheese? I get confused so easily

three staples of B&B
egg, crow & foot

He’s the tooth fairy.

Egg, crow, foot and
Sounds like the ingredients to Humble Pie, a dish we don’t see being served up much these days - now where’d that recipe book go…

For the love of (X)
Please keep this on the discussion forum.

I for one don’t care who gets kicked off of PNET (and for the most part- why). I don’t care who is allowed back on.

But, dang, I WAS asking for advice!
Egg on your face makes you vulnerable to shark attacks!

I think this is a case where the
doubters, however right they turn out to be, come off worse than those who believe in the tooth fairy. How much harm did it do if I accepted GKs claim that he was some kind of pinaped? I didn’t place any weight on it. How much harm to “real” Seals does it do if certain people claim to be Seals, and aren’t, exactly? If the claim was false, it was bound to come out, but why did we waste so much time on it? What does that say about us? Especially about those of us who won’t even say what part of the country they paddle in, or what they paddle, and are so concerned about the military service issue?

GK was thrown off the board for current behavior. That’s something anyone could verify.

No time wasted,
in my experience. I learn more with every post.

There’s a hush across the night out there as our area waits for another snowfall - and I missed another day of paddling.

Another poster today made reference to telling tales around a campfire. Just consider this a virtual campfire. We’re just sitting around our computers, waiting for the next good day for paddling in a long winter.

Get a dry suit
and a 5mm neoprene hood and go soak your head.

that’s what I am doing tomorrow!


Why not?
I have my new Farmer John wetsuit, but nothing for my head but my Tilley.

Maybe, if I soak my head, some of the contents will melt like some of the posts on this forum . . .

Strange. I asked for help removing egg and they removed my post. If the post is gone, does it mean my egg is gone?

Does it mean we found the truth - and I missed it overnight? Was it censorship or liability? Or both?

Highlight, click, delete: Ya gotta love those First Amendment rights. I’d rather face the risk of having egg on my face.

I’m going to go soak my head now.

take a look at the Henderson
dive hoods. there are some with a small visor and even a bungee that runs around the face to tighten it against the skin.

I have a 3 mm and a 5 mm depending on the weather. Tomorrow, I am teaching a couple of friends greenland rolling and will have them in tuiliqs and skin on frame boats with greenland paddles as I find it is much easier to use a boat that rolls easily, a paddle that is made for rolling, and a tuiliq which gives a bit of added flotation. Once the mechanics are down, it is a easy matter to transfer to a larger boat.

I will be in my drysuit and 5mm hood with fleece bunny suit undrneath but since I am going to be standing most of the time in the water, the fleece socks and the chotas will definitely be part of the devo look.


Now you need one of these:

Thanks for the link, Paul -
I bookmarked it. Also the hood info.

I think, maybe next boat I build will be SOF. Very appealing, that and the whole Greenland paddle thing. At ECCAKF last year, I watched Dubside training his little crew with at least a little bit of envy.

Besides the hood,
you might consider silicone grease for your face. Helps prevent that nasty gasp reflex.

As for the other…

I found your posts eloquent and well stated. You need not apologize to anyone for anything.

I just splash water on my face
where the hood doesn’t cover it, curse in three languages and roll.


what you guys will overlook for a can of beanie weenies!

real eye opener for me!

I don’t eat beanie-weenies,