Need advice on small Tuf Weave blem

-- Last Updated: May-01-14 8:09 PM EST --

I just picked up an older used Wenonah Spirit 2 canoe in Tuf Weave. It's a gorgeous craft. Anyway, I thought I looked it over real close but I missed a small flaw before I bought it. A small half moon shaped crack just under the gunwale.

Should this be of concern? Can it be fixed easily? Other thoughts?

I'm mainly a kayak guy, have had a number of plastic boats but never a fiberglass canoe, so no experience here.


Pics with coin for scale:

Forget about it
What a nice looking boat! The Spirit II is a great all-around tandem, and with wood trim to boot! That crack is nothing, as long as there isn’t an exit hole on the other side. If you want to fix it, press it from the inside so it’s smooth on the outside. Then lay a bit of fiberglass cloth on the inside and enough epoxy to bond it to the hull. It might be a good idea to remove the gunwale on that side first, but if you’re careful you can do it without removal.

Enjoy your boat. It’s a good’n.

Thank you. It’s not punched the whole way through, just on the outer surface. Appreciate the advice. I didn’t know if I should seal it with a dab of epoxy or something to stabilize it.