Need advice on the right kayak

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I'm looking to upgrade from my beloved Old Towne Adventure XL 16' sea kayak. Want to find a fiberglas one with similar characteristics. It doesn't have to be quite so beamy (26.5") or have such an enormous cockpit (18x41) but I don't like really narrow or shallow cockpits.

What glass boats (I'm looking used) should I be looking at? Ones that are stable, handle waves well and will fit my 5'9" 200lb+ frame? Also want a rudder if possible. Thanks in advance for all advice.


Giving your height and weight will probably help the folks here who have experience with lots of boats give you some good boat suggestions.

Greenland style, roomy, and stable don’t often go together though. I guess it depends what you mean by greenland style.

looking for the right kayak
My Adventure XL has all those qualities though. I’m 5’9" on a good day and weight 200+

Need to change your criteria

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Do you regard the Adventure XL as greenland style? I can't find a 16' Adventure XL kayak in Old Towne's present line, but what I do see in shorter models doesn't look like what most would currently call greenland.

Greenland style boats tend to have skegs, not rudders. Is there a particular reason you need a rudder rather than a skeg for your paddling? Granted there is an argument for rudders in wind, but a greenland style boat will automatically be lower profile and more responsive to edging so it should be fine unless you regularly paddle in pretty high winds.

You need to fit more tightly in these boats than what you are used to, in order to have good contact with thigh braces for boat control. If you aren't comfortable paddling with in a cockpit that gives you a pretty immediate ability to put the boat up on edge, you should spend some goodly time messing around with these boats before you spend your bucks.

Also, I am not clear about your stability needs. It's not about the width, or how the boat may wiggle around on flat water, but how it works to maintain an upright posture in waves and swells. A boat that does that well rarely feels quiet on flat water, at least until you get used to them.

At your size, you actually have a good variety of boats that'll fit you on volume. But I think you should spend some time in sea kayaks, greenland style and not, before narrowing your search.

Try a Necky Looksha
I have an old town cayuga amd i have test paddled an adventure xl before, and the first boat that pops into my head which would seem to have similar stability that you’re looking for and a rudder is any of the necky looksha line.

looking for the right kayak
All good comments and suggestions - thanks. I have extensive paddling experience - both in river and sea kayaks and appreicate what you’re saying. The Adventure XL has a Greenland style bow - I may stand corrected on the rest of the design features.

I want a lighter, more responsive boat that’s not ‘twitchy’ - I had one of those once. I know that it’s largely about the skill of the paddler. I just want a boat that has those characteristics and has a decent size cockpit.

looking for the right kayak
I’ll check those out - thanks so much.