Need Advice on vintage old town canoe

I have a 1946 Old Town 16’ canvas guide or river canoe that I’m interested in selling. This is a canoe I grew up fly fishing with my grandfather in and later taking on float trips in the MO Ozarks. Has alot of sentimental value but I’m ready to part with it. Would appreciate any advice on how to determine a fair sales price and best forum to market the canoe. Wood is sound and skin is for most part watertight. I live in Birmingham, AL. Thanks

Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

Can date the canoe with the serial number and hopefull it has been reskinned.

Much depends on the condition and the ability to find a buyer. There are a few wood canoe nuts down that way that may be looking for projects, since wood canvas canoes are a bit harder to find down south than up north.

It is not a rare canoe, but the Guide model is a great tripping canoe.

If it has wartime era steel tacks or has brass tacks and was used in salt water, than these issues can be problematic.

Here is a good summary of value: