Need Advice Please Which would be better playboat for surfing and maybe rock gardening Scirocco or Zephyr 160

I’ve seen old posts but would like to ask if anyone can speak directly having paddled both a Scirocco and a Zephyr 160. I am looking to add a plastic playboat to the fleet for surfing and rougher environments . I have a kevlar Gulfstream, so think I should pretty much know the Scirocco but really would like to know how a Zephyr 160 might compare for overall control and responsiveness. I think the Zephyr may have a better fitting seating system to allow for more feel and connection to the boat but have not yet actually paddled one. I would also like to know which boat actually has more rocker. Any input as to edging and control between these two models would be appreciated. I have other CD, Necky and WS yaks. Thanks for any assist here!

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As one who owned a Sirocco and currently owns a Z 160 and I enjoy/ed both hulls, neither is a hull I would consider as a primary rock gardening kayak. I anticipate the Z 160 will be fun in surf as it is really fun in the 2-3 ft mixed directional waves I have played in - I have caught some rides on wind waves, but that was not what I consider surfing. The Sirocco is built for a larger person, i.e. 200 lbs+. I did not enjoy it in surf probably due to the rounded chines and my beginning surf skills when I owned it. All that being said, both are easy to maneuver in rough conditions depending on your skill, however neither are what I would consider a rock gardening kayak except on flat, calm days. For rocks in rough conditions, I want a hull that is 14 ft or less.


Thank you for the feedback Hank! I think you share some of my same sentiments on the Sirocco. I am a bit of larger paddler so I really do enjoy the Gulfstream for general touring and Sea kayaking Southern and Central California coast but also feal that the softer chines may not be aggressive enough in certain conditions. I guess I thought maybe the Zephyr might counter that somewhat. I originally thought maybe a Zephyr 155, as it is a bit shorter, but I did paddle one and just not quite fit the cockpit so thought maybe 160. I am a reasonably skilled paddler, certainly not overly so which leads me to prefer a bit wider beam and maybe that is more of what holds me back from advancing further. I do want to progress my technical skills in rougher conditions so always open to any suggestions