Need advice - Protecting my hands

Prior to this summer, I would spend max 3 hours out on the water at one time.

This summer I’m spending 6 or 7 hours out there per daily session. As a result my thumbs have developed some blisters.

I believe I read on a previous post that someone had used tennis racket grip on their paddle to provide grip & cushioning. Is this a smart move? Or would it be better for me to buy some sort of paddling glove?

I just need something temporarily till my hands adjust to the extended hours. Thanks.

Gloves would help…
But you may be gripping the paddle too tightly. Could be a tough habit to break, but try!


Try this
Just wrap a piece of duct tape around your thumb before you go out.

I learned that little tid bit from “Canunut” (US Nationals champion) back about five or six years ago, and it worked fine for me, until they finally toughened up.

It might take a year or two, but sooner or later they will toughen up and you won’t need the tape.