Need advice re: foot stops


I just bought a used Wilderness Systems 160T. The front foot stop rails slide, so if you push your feet against them they slide forward and out of their track. The back seat foot stops are limited by their tether to the rudder.

Is there a missing strap that limits the forward movement of these front foot stops? I’d appreciate anyone’s advice on how to restrict their forward motion and make them usable…

I posted a link to a photo at



back side of the foot plate
On the back side of the foot plate is a lever. Normally, one would pull the lever toward the foot plate to disconnect the hook from the slider, allowing you to adjust the position of the foot plate. But in your case, it sounds like the elver is stuck in the open position and the hook is not making contact with the slider. Not that uncommon on used boats. I would clean the lever area and see if you can get any grit or whatever is holding it from closing out. Do this for all the foot pegs on the boat.

Foot peg adjustment…
As mentioned. The small trigger catch on back of pedal, engages with the small open boxes on rail. I would try sliding the pedals all the way back, and take the pedal/trigger apart and cleaning them. I have same type in another boat, and one trigger will not catch in hole. They are easy to take off and clean. Good luck.