Need advice restoring a cedar canoe

-- Last Updated: Apr-30-16 2:50 PM EST --

Hey folks, our Scout troop had a couple of canoes donate. One is this cedar which is in good shape, but the video below highlights 3 areas of concern

(1) how to deal with the minor damage highlighted at the first of the video
(2) how to treat the wood and in particular the keel
(3) how to deal with tears in the canvas

I think for (1) in this case a small patch like I suggested in the video would work. I would inject something like PL Premium construction adhesive into the damaged area, but a small piece of wood across between the ribs, and then a larger piece across the ribs and screw it all down. Should hold that bouncy piece in place until the adhesive cures.

Cedar strip canoes are covered with fiberglass, not canvas. The cedar is pretty light weight not strong enough without the fiberglass/epoxy.

Bill H.

Wood and canvas
Your canoe would be referred to as a wood and canvas canoe rather than cedar strip.

The best people to ask would be on the Wooden Canoe Heritage Association forum at

not a repair expert
but have wood canvas canoes like the one in the video

Its a cedar planked and spruce ribbed canvas canoe. I think there is no glass involved…be glad for that

Epoxy and a heavy weight will flatten that split plank. Please no screws.

It needs to be recanvased and the gunwale repaired.

With WCHA forum help you can make that boat pretty. Check very carefully you may have more split planks or ribs.

You do not have a cedar strip canoe.

Thanks all. There is definitely no fibreglass on this one - that much is clear to me. Thanks for the correction on nomenclature. I guess cedar strip would be the kind my father in law is making - I’ll post pictures.

When we were in to the local shop asking about these canoes (see my other thread about the thwart) the guy referred us to a local expert in refurbishing these things. So we’re just going to take it to him to get a quote.