Need advice with a kayak repair

Hi friends,

A year or so ago, when I could no longer get in and (especially) out of my nice glass kayaks because of knee issues, I bought a very nice SOT - a Hurricane Skimmer 128. It has served me well since - although missing my nice, sleek boats, this is just SO easy to use for me that it ALMOST makes up for it.

Hurricane uses a proprietary plastic in their boats - very light, comparatively to other boats its size. Mine weighs about 44 pounds, another bonus for me.

Last night, while taking it out on a local lake, I noticed a “tear” in a spot, and I am wondering how best to fix it. It’s not the hole itself that worries me, but I’m afraid that it occurred at a stress point on the boat, and could get more problematic if I don’t properly brace it.

My question is what should I do? Although I’ve been kayaking for over 40 years, truth-be-told, I don’t think I’ve EVER had to repair something on the shell before. I’ve never used resin fiber, or “weld” plastic, or anything else.

I’ve attached a couple of pics. The tear is in the well below the seat. Although the lighting makes it look like a long seam is at issue, the stress point is actually at a 45 degree angle, and the hole is self-evident. I can access the inside of the hull through the hatch.

I’d very much appreciate your ideas - and thanks very much in advance!

From the Hurricane FAQ: How hard is it to repair Trylon?
It’s not hard at all! There are many plastic welding adhesives that bond with Trylon for spot repairs, but we recommend the Devcon brand of waterproof bonds. You can use them around bulkheads and cockpit coamings in lieu of caulking or use the adhesive with pieces of ABS plastic for structural repairs. There are also some wonderful thermoform patches on the market that work well for patching small cracks – Always remember to drill out the terminal ends of any cracks before patching.