Need Advise On Rod Holder

for an Old Town Dirigo 120. I need one that I can be removed when needed, flush mounted preferred. Please advise. Thanks!!

I’ve about 5 of them. The come with a base that sticks up above the deck, but you can buy a flush mount from which you can remove the rod holder. The flush mounts come in two styles. One is rectangular with the mounting hole in the center.

That’s the one I prefer. The other mount is round. Its fine, I have two mounted that way, but not as nice for a kayak as the rectangular mount.

I’ve bought mine at Academy Sporting Goods for about $20 and another $10 for the mount. But, the closest Academy stores near you appear to be either in Nashville, Madisonville, or Little Rock.

The rod holder:

my preferred mount:

rod mount
I also have the Dirigo 120, angler version. Came with one Scotty flush mount beside the little compartment for keys, cell phone etc. Works fine. If you look close, you’ll see the flat area where the mount goes.

Just an idea …

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......... maybe consider using a PVC lavatory (sink) drain fitting , the one that would be used with a chain stopper (no pop up) ......... these could be mounted flush with the tube part below deck surface .......... you could cap the bottom after cutting to length you require for rod butt to keep reel from touching deck (drill hole in cap for drainage) ........ the tube has a flange with threads at top and a nut slips over tube from under side to tighten (squeeze to deck) ........ go look in any hardware store , Home depot etc. at the lavatory drain fittings and you will get the idea , it will explain itself ..

PVC for above post
Plain old PVC pipe works very well and lots of fittings available.

The Scotty bases do a good job and will keep the reels out of the water better than a flush tube. I put PVC extensions in my flush tubes to get the reels higher up. I also put an extension tube in my front mounted Scotty to get more paddle clearance. A milk bottle cap glued to the bottom of the Scotty flush mount base will keep water out.

"my preferred mount:"

There are three different mounts on this page, which one do you use? Since I live in “the sticks” and there are no paddle shops close to me, where is the best online business with good prices??

No 244…the page didn’t link the way
I intended, sorry. Bass Pro has them on-line. The price is what I pay these days…gone up a couple of bucks:

For freshwater rod butts, the Baitcast/Spinner model is the one I use. However, I do have a Shakespear Tiger Ugly Stick and need to buy a Power Lock model for it. The fly rod model is good if you fly fish. The mounts are also shown on the page.

for the help!!

Get the flush mount receiver. I have one in my Dagger Approach, and it does exactly what I wanted.

The other brand to consider are RAM mounts.

I wouldn’t consider any other brand, having seen just about every other brand used give up rods to the river. I have twice seen the Berkeley rod holders continue to hold the rod while the holder itself fell out of the receiver and into the river. Not helpful.

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