Need beta on janautica seal kayak

Looking for some beta, if anyone has some!? I’ve got a friend who just sent me a picture of a janutica seal touring kayak they are trying to sell but don’t know what to ask for it? They thought I’d be able to help since they know I paddle but I’m only familiar with WW boats and from what I’ve gathered it’s a nicely made boat that I’ve seen from 500-1200 online but I want to make sure I Uploading: received_651390872912696.jpeg…
give them the right info before posting it since it belongs to a lady who is clearing out things her and her late husband had bought that she no longer uses. It’s only been in fresh water a handful of times and comes with a Werner paddle ( touring one but

unsure of the model) boat doesn’t have the model or year filled out but they believe it to be late 90’s early '00’s. Around 50lbs and fiberglass. Thanks!!

Last two digits of serial number is the year. It’s fairly old I doubt late 90’s. Not familiar with the brand others here will be. Personally if you got 300 you’d be doing great.


Not familiar with that brand or model either.

Looking at the picture, it appears to be a composite kayak. Likely made of fiberglass. It does not have any static deck lines on it. And the front hatch is pretty small. Lack of deck lines and small front hatch are something that we’re common on boats built in the 80s or 90s.

Composite boats are generally worth a bit more than plastic boats. But given that this boat is old (though looks to be in good shape) and if no one comes up with more info about this model, that would limit the value a little bit. I think it might go for about $1000.

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An old person would likely the wide cockpit entry forward vs keyhole found on many of the current boats. Notice too the long narrow bow. Most touring boats are a little fuller.

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Interesting hatch covers. Looks like KajakSport covers front and rear with a hard plastic screw-on/off day hatch. Did you notice that odd flare in the bow?

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I amwonderingifwe have the spelling slightly off. I have found reference to Janautica, an Italian made kayak brand

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I think you have it with a Janautica Seal. In the photo, you can see a short word on the stern that looks like it ends in "AL’, such as a SEAL.

It looks like it has no skeg or rudder, and no thigh braces, along with the lack of perimeter lines. Those are all things many current buyers would look for. I’d guess it could get $500-$600 during the season. I’m not counting any value for the paddle since we don’t know what that is.

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Doubtful it would ever be worth anything near 1000 to many modern name brand hulls around for less than 1000. Then again there’s an ass for every seat. I see nice hulls for asking prices of 1200 for sale for 18-24 weeks and not selling. People looking to go to a more advanced sea kayak hull usually have done some research. Easier to get 500 for a plastic rec or transitional hull.

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Thanks, yeah It’s basically new and in pristine condition for what it’s age is but I think that might be a little on the low side since I’m getting a lot of ppl saying easily 1-1200 and some even 2k but I know that’s prob a stretch. Just trying to get the best idea possible.

I’m getting that amount from other sites I’ve posted it on and it is a janautica seal 16’ in pristine condition. Thanks for all the help on this.

It is a janautica seal I had a typo when posting. It’s fiberglass and basically as New as it gets but the average I’ve been seeing from others and other sites has been 1k. Appreciate the help!

Sorry you are correct it is a 16’ janautica seal I just can’t text for crap. Thanks again! Love the paddling community!

Put asking X dollars you can come down but not go up.