need better seat for Walden Scout

I recently bought a used Walden Scout. The lady told me it was about 5 years old so that’s all I know about it. It has a hard plastic molded seat in it that I would like to replace with something more comfortable. I’d like something that is padded and adjustable and preferably uses the same bolt holes as the current stock seat but I’ll drill new holes if necessary.

Has anyone replaced the old style stock seat in a Walden Scout with something better? Any suggestions?

Thanks for the help.

I suggest padding the existing seat.
There are very few sources for replacement seats, and the project will take significant effort and expense.

By glueing in or attaching minicell, or one of the aftermarket gel or air pads, you should be able to get comfortable.

Agree w/g2d: Get a “skwoosh” or
something similar. Replacement is not

worth the hassle or a messed up fitting.

the Skwoosh looks good…
That Skwoosh looks like it might be the solution. I also found some gel pads (Yakpads) at a local kayak shop. I think I’ll take your advice and find a way to pad the existing seat rather than change to a different seat.

Thanks for the input.