Need Big Boys Kayak

A co-worker has expressed interest in getting a kayak. His impression of canoes as “tippy” is resistant to enlightment…even after a ride in my Prospector! Here’s the rub. He’s 6 foot 5 1/2 inches tall and weights 300 lbs. He’s beefy, but not fat. He is primarily interested in flat water paddling.

Which boat would work for him?

Here ya go:

What kind of water/conditions?

Necky Eskia
A Necky Eskia was recommended to me and I really like it. I’m not as tall or heavy but I think it would have room. Its a plastic boat so not too bad. $1300 or so I think. Probably others out there too.

Necky Pinta
Definitely a big guy’s kayak.

Thanks To All
Just the info needed.

Re;Water/Conditions…suitable for a beginner. We live near Watertwon NY, so there’s the big water of Lake Ontario, the Class III-V of the Black River and all the ponds and lakes of the Adirondacks all around us. It’s a paddlers paradise…if you can wait till ice out!

Perception Captiva
Plastic yes, Now known as a Carolina 16. See my profile for pics and links. I’m 6’6" and down to 243. A really slim 243 I might add. lol

SOT maybe?
I’m not a SOT paddler myself, but my husband loves his OK Drifter.

Northern NY and great lakes
SINK extends the season. In enjoyed paddling a looksha 4 hv a lot as I began, but I only weighed 230.

Tempest 180 and Wes Boyd’s Site

Have your friend spend some time at Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place site (big boys and girls).

He might also find my review of the Tempest 180 of interest. It can be found at:

Good luck!


I’m 6’ and 240 lbs and paddle the QCC Q500XL. I find the boat has a large enough displacement that if I don’t load it down, it’s prone to getting blown around. I believe that there is more than enough bouyancy to handle your friend as well as some extra gear. The only issue I might worry about would be the size of the cockpit. Have him try a couple of boats with similar sized cockpits before spending money on the QCC. If he is still young and flexible, he shouldn’t have much of a problem.

As far as quality, I have no complaints with QCC!

Impex Assateague/Formula Cadence
These two are the same model, where the Impex is the US importer and Formula is the Canadian brand.

I would guess a 300 pounder could fit in this boat. I would not call this boat fast, but it is well behaved and generally comfortable for larger folks. Worth a look if one is available.

Big Boy

I have an Old Town Loon 13.8. I am six foot and 245 lbs. Its slow to turn but very stable, I fish out of it and its very comfortable, more so than my float tube. It does catch some wind, but it has a huge cockpit and you have about 30 inch of seat travel. Easy to get in an out of. I carry about 40 lbs of gear (tackle, fish finder, lunch, and a cople of rods). I have shot out of it and it great sport platform.

P&H Capella 173 or Orca
The new Capella 173 is sized up for your friend - (larger cockpit, 17’3" and 23" wide)

If he is looking for something more touring/day use - possibly the orca 14 or 16. However - with inseam - the capella 173 may be a better route.


Check out the Nimbus Telkwa
This is what Wes Boyd paddles. It is a GREAT, FAST kayak…

I second the QCC-500 lots of volume so 300lbs should be ok. The 500 is a very fast kayak for its 23" beam and its stable, well made think he would be happy in a 500.

I’m not quite that
stout but I tip the scales at 250+ and I’m 6-3 and I fit with room the spare in a Necky Zoar Sport.