Need big sized Water shoes

Hey folks,

just gotten in to kayaking and am loving it.

I’ve got large feet and have been wearing my sandals while kayaking.

Well, the first problem is that the only I can get a hold on the foot pads is with my tips of my feet. My feet are at a cramping angle and this gets tiring after an hour or so.

I thought fitted ‘water shoes’ (not sure what you actually call them) might work as they are more flexible and fit smaller than sandals, so I should be able to get my feet more flat on the foot pad.

Anyone know where I gorilla can get one sized 14E?


Kayaks for Gorillas
You’ll not ony have trouble with shoes but also with the kayak fit as well. Very few kayaks are made for feet lkike yours.

Gorillas should paddle canoes. Kayaks are for monkeys.

Go here All kinds of paddling footwear. I have a 4E width foot and find that the booties from NRS are fine for me. You may be able to find them locally also. I have one pair that fit my bare feet and a larger pair that I use in the cold so I can wear a thick pair of wool socks under my goretex booties and not have the circulation to my cute little toes cut off.

Husband has same problem
and it’s not just hard to find paddling gear. Tour in Afghanistan left him w/one badly injured leg (14 foot) and a shiny new titanium/carbon fiber one. We feel your pain on trying to find both shoes and a boat. He’s pretty much decided to go SOT since neither ‘‘ankle’’ articulates like before. Try the NRS booties and try a longer boat. Be careful of how early the bow narrows, though. Too narrow and my husband can’t get comfy anymore in 17’ than in 10’. Good luck to you!

God bless you and your husband
Thank him for me. Needing a shoe ain’t near as bad as needing a foot.

I’m encouraged by your husbands
willingness to still get out and enjoy life!

I understand that we sometimes trivialize over small things…like how we get mad when the steak is overcooked and yet there are others that can not afford the simple luxury of meat.

Happy Paddling!

Don’t worry–
Wasn’t telling you that so you could feel bad, silly! Just telling you you’re not alone. Hard to find a boat for size 14 feet and there’s generally a tall body attached to that. My guy’s 6’4". Fitting him in a boat was difficult even before everything. Chacos actually has fantastic customer service and recently sent us instructions on how to modify his Z/1s so the arch doesn’t interfere with his prosthesis. But I’m 13" shorter and wear size 7s and still sometimes have a time getting cozy in a boat. I think everyone does. Must be why there are so many threads on outfitting here at pnet. If you just talk to folks, whether it be Chaco, NRS, or a boat dealer/maker they generally have either a solution or an idea for one. Most people we’ve talked to get excited at the prospect of surmounting a challenge. I’ve found that’s a trait most paddlers possess and it’s made the sport tons of fun!!

Wayne Horodowich

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I've never met the man, but he has really nice videos, and he is an experienced sea kayak intructor with this line of videos and it is stated that he is 6 foot 7 inches ( I think I have that right) and a very large man. In the videos he is head and shoulders above all other paddlers at the put-in. He has email linked, and likely can answer many of your queries, including kayak choice, gear choices, footwear. Give it a shot.

Yep, end of paragraph two of this 2002 W Horodowich post clarifies: he is 6 feet seven inches. He, you KayakKanuck, and Shaq can all get some watershoes and paddle together. Advice: stick to the Great Lakes so you all won;t bump shoulders. :)

Liratoad, there are some really fast
canoes out there that solve the problem of where to put your feet and a large body, with comfort.My size my size 13 feet and 6’5" body easily fit in ny Wenonah Voyager.

I have gotten 14s from NRS, TEVA,
and CHOTA. Occasionally I have found size 15, which suits me better if the footwear has a hard sole and sides. On my size 14 Teva Neutrons, I cut out windows for my big toes.

water shoes
Ack. dude i feel your pain. i have size 12-13 and theyre very crammed in my Crossfire river runner i got for a putter around/rolling practice boat.I got a necky Elaho for most purposes and my feet are OK if i wear neoprene socks(7.50$ at MEC) but if i wear neoprene booties i get awful foot cramps after more than 2 hours of paddling. so socks it is for me. what i’m saying is that neoprene socks may be a way to go. i wear sandals over the socks till i launch and then stick the sandals on the deck. this way the room is maximized and i still get protection from cold.

Water shoes or anything with a rigid sole will eat up even more of the foot space so probably not a way to go.

If your feet are bent that badly it doesnt look like its the boat for you. sh&tty deal