need boat recommendation: 10'-11.5'

Looking for a recommendation for a kayak in the 10ft-11.5ft range, to use on small, narrow, winding flatwater rivers. Something narrower than a rec kayak, and under 45 lbs.

I currently have a 14’ Tsunami duralite for large rivers and lakes, and a Prijon Chopper for whitewater.

I’m still trying to justify to myself that I NEED 3 boats - but the more the merrier, right?

Thanks for any input…

Manitou Sport
You might want to look at the Necky Manitou Sport. 10’11", 26.5" wide, 44 pounds - it’s one of narrower vessels in that length range.


Dagger Green Boat?

11’8" long, 24.5" wide. Apparently you have to order one from a Dagger dealer.

ARe you thinking about something in Fiberglass ? There are down river slalom boats that would fit the bill. I don’t know about them. If you just want something that paddles faster than your chopper… look for an old Pirouette … Seems to fit the specs you were asking for and you can buy them cheaply ~$200.

A few suggestions

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If you like your Tsunami why not a Tsunami 120?

Other possibilities

Prijon Combi 359 (pricey)
Old Town Cayuga 110
Necky Manitou Sport
Dagger Approach

or some kind of old school style WW boat like a Dagger RPM, etc. You get a newer style creek boat, but is probably overkill for what you want from a cost stand point, and may not be what you want from a comfort standpoint.

Of course to me your Tsunami 140 should handle the conditions you talk about very well, it is certainly maneuverable enough to handle the smaller water. And if you want a lazier ride then what it provides then your rec boat would seem perfect for it.

Good luck!

Check out the Prijon Combi

Prijon Capri
12 feet even

44lbs, lightest 12 foot plastic boat.

Prijon blowmolded quality

faster than your current boat.

how much do you weigh??

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that is important when considering a kayak. If you feel uncomfortable saying that just give us a rough idea. A Small guy?? A medium guy?? A big guy??