Need Bowron Lakes Info

We are planning to do Bowron Lakes Provincial Park

next July. Would love to hear from others who have done it. We plan on doing the circuit in 8 days.

Did it a couple of years ago
Don’t know what sort of info you’re looking for but here goes. The circuit is about 70 miles long. Can be done in five days without pushing too hard. Eight days would be taking it real easy unless the wind kicks up (it will at some point so watch out). Longest portage is the first one from park HQ to Indian Point lake, about a mile and a half. All portage trails are easy to locate and well established and maintained. The Caraboo river section is the only place where you will see relatively fast water. Watch out for sweepers. The scenery is terrific and so are the # of bugs, bring plenty of deet or a bug jacket (you may find yourself wanting both). When I was there (in late august) they were pretty bad and I’ve no doubt they’d be worse in July. As far as other wildlife goes you might run into just about anything. Moose and black bear are just about guaranteed; a Grizzly or wolf is possible. Bring a camera and plenty of film or memory cards. Doing the loop is not cheap, can’t recall at the moment but the pass was either $60 or $80 (Canadian) per person. You are required to camp at designated campsites. Each campsite has a specific # of tent sites (usually sand boxes) and sites tend to fill up early, get out on the water in the wee hours and plan to reach your next campsite by one or two PM at the latest. They like to advertise that they only allow twenty-five canoes per day on the circuit, trouble is with most people taking five or six days you end up with 125-150 canoes or more on the circuit on any given day. All sites have enclosed privies, fire pits and food lockers. Firewood is supplied free but needs to be split so bring along a hatchet or whatever you like to use. I read somewhere that the Bowron Loop is a wilderness theme park not a true wilderness experience. I would tend to agree. So if that’s what your looking for you may be disappointed. But if you like prepared sites and privies and lots of company you’ll love it. I met many people on the circuit that have been going there every year for decades and never tire of it. Hope you have a great time it is an awesome area.


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Did the Bowron circuit last September at the close of their paddling season. No bugs and few paddlers then. See trip report on this website under Places2Paddle tab; British Columbia. I have some pictures posted that should give you a visual flavor of this place:

Did the Bowron a few years ago.
It’s a great trip but I think July will be crowded. I went in Sept. which was a great time to go. People tend to bunch up so some places are empty and others crowded. You should be careful on some sections that have long distances between campsites so you don’t get caught going a lot farther than you wanted because the ones after a long stretch are filled up. Good advise to paddle early and stop early. I went for eight days but wished I had a few more days to relax. I plan to go again in a few years.