Need cable waterproofing advice

Have an old Eddyline Orca made around 1987. The rudder cables, where they exit the stern, have worn enough to allow water to enter during paddling. Is there a way to waterproof or at least slow down water intrusion through the stern portion where the cables enter the boat? Thanks.

Your Orca has a lifetime warranty on materials:
Maybe Alex at Eddyline can help you out? They’d probably be delighted to hear it’s still being paddled.

Can you do that it is fairly easy. That is what Current Designs does. Need some tubing I can mail you some.

Post a picture

You’re always going to get some water in through the cables, as it gets into the cables and gets pulled in as you use the rudder. You should be flushing the cables out with fresh water periodically to remove any salt buildup.

I also spray the cables with 303 even thought picture would suggest otherwise