Need Car-Topping Suggestions

Just picked up a cheap, small, light kayak. Ideal for my intended use of fishing protected salt water marshes and lagoons. I thought I would just be able to toss it on my car top using foam blocks, but there’s a problem. The shallow V of the foam blocks just doesn’t fit the tri-hull of the kayak. No matter how I adjust them the kayak wobbles and is unsteady. I don’t want to strap it down too hard for fear of cracking the hull. Sure, I could invest in a whole new roof rack with cross bars, cradles, etc., but that would cost more than the kayak.

Any suggestions other than pool noodles? Thanks.

Carry it hull up
Cockpit side down.

If it’s a poly kayak I wouldn’t worry about cracking it. It will indent a little if you strap it too tight.

Use bow and stern tie downs, a rope thru the carry handles is all you need.

Unless the bow and stern lines are
carefully triangulated, the boat may swim around in the breeze. If single bow and stern lines are tied tight enough to prevent swimming, the hull is liable to dent, and while the dents may come out, it would be better not to produce them in the first place.

Tying across the boat and through the rear windows would provide some center control, but I’ve never liked having to do that.

tie a boat thru the WINDOWS. Open the doors and tie it and then shut the doors!

Thanks for the input.
The boat is tied thru the doors - one strap near the bow through the front door and the other over the stern thru the rear door. I’m going to try the “bottom” up suggestion. That would certainly eliminate the incompatibility problem.

cut them

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It's just foam. Use a razor knife with a fresh blade and shave a little more of a V into the foam to better match your hull.

Just got home from doing 65 on the Interstate coming home from a quick paddle. I strap mine taut but not real tight through the doors. Mine doesn't move at all.

On the off chance you live near me, do you happen to be in western PA? Just asking because I manufacture foam for a living. Haven't done it yet myself but I could get a block of foam much wider and cut it to the contour of the roof and contour of the boat hull easily.q

Mr. Rogers - Thanks for the feedback.
I have actually done that - cut a deeper V into the foam. However, I should have mentioned in my original post that the foam blocks are also not wide enough, contributing to the unsteadiness. I got the widest ones I could find. Maybe, as you mentioned, I should just look for longer generic foam blocks and try to modify them to fit. I wish I was closer to you, but I’m in Florida.

add foam
get a couple narrow blocks such as these:

Cut the blocks in half and drill holes through them and your center blocks and tie a cord through to hold them as far out as the edges of your boat.(Four loops of cord) Then the boat will have a three point suspension at both ends of the roof. That should make it more steady.

squee squweeeek

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blocks would be cut with a new mid range toothed or your choice buy 3 12-18-24 toothed

AFTER carefully blocking the yak up in position n marking cardboard templates, sitting the yak on templates, marking yak, block positions THEN transferring templates to BOTH side store bought blocks.

This is craft. Take your time learn and adjust.

The deal in Florida is wind deevils and waterspouts. We had one a day for 2 days here yesterday…have experienced 3 with foam and Solstice atop a Ford Van…never with but bow and stern lines.

With bow and sterns, 3 mid hull cross lines of straps or 1/8” Walmart cord in the black hanger…foam goes sqweek sqweek, hull tugs at van, van shimmies trying to elevate.

playing with the search terms brings in new photos. Car topping yaks is popular crafting

Campmor again, the link is not accurate ?

search terms in campmor's search area is: car top kayak blocks